Why do high-net-worth investors invest on hive5?

Why do high-net-worth investors invest on hive5?

It is no surprise that high-net-worth investors like alternative investing options. Usually, after trying many different investments, alternative investments occupy a significant part of their portfolio. Accordingly, the recent trend is investing in personal and business loans on P2P platforms.

For instance, let's take a look at the hive5 statistics:

  • 85% of total invested funds own high-net-worth investors (they invest more than 50 000 Eur).
  • The company's shareholders own 10%.
  • Only 5% belongs to the rest of the investors.

Therefore, we want to share why high-net-worth investors choose hive5 and the main criteria of their onboarding procedure:

1. Shareholders' reputation. Professional investors always know who controls their money and whether they can trust the company. Hive5's ultimate beneficiaries and shareholders, Ricardas Vandzinskas and Andrius Rupsys, have an impeccable reputation. They are well-known professionals in Lithuania. Additionally, they invest a significant amount of money themselves.

2. Transparency and publicity. From the beginning, we transparently and comprehensibly disclose the company's organisational structure, the group companies and their operating model.

3. Team track record and professionalism. Long-term fintech professionals manage every team of our group companies; we always share their Linkedin profiles with detailed track records and significant achievements in financial and technology fields.

4. Risk management. Risk management is another critical aspect of trusting the P2P platform. We have noticed that especially high-net-worth investors try to determine how loan originators manage the risk. Here are the main details of how we ensure excellent risk management:

  1. Group loan originators only. Our platform onboards only carefully selected consumer and business loans issued through licensed credit companies belonging to the Hive finance group.
  2. Advanced scoring engine. We are genuinely proud of automated credit assessment procedures. The algorithmic engine processes massive databases of different sources in Poland. As a result, clients are grouped into a 15-point risk system, with clients approving only the allowed amount of credits from each point to manage the acceptable level of risk in the overall portfolio.
  3. Buy back guarantee. A crucial part is a guarantee to get back the invested funds if the borrower did not pay it back. For that reason, loan originators accumulate the required capital reserve to fulfil the repurchase guarantee against investors.

5. Due diligence of other trusted investors. It is essential to know if other professional investors trust the platform. We want to share public and professional investor profiles in different EU countries. They started cooperating with us only after a detailed due diligence process of hive5. For more details on the assessments carried out, see the following links:

  1. The professional investor from Germany: https://www.p2p-kredite.com/marktanteile-der-p2p-kredite-plattformen-im-dezember_2023.html
  2. The professional investor from Spain: https://todocrowdlending.com/?s=hive5

High-net-worth investors know that our platform is one of the best options to fight inflation and save money; also, it is a perfect short-term investment. The investor receives repayments with the principal (or part of it) and interests as monthly payments. In case investor need money in a short period, you could get your first return even less than in 30 days, it is your choice: reinvest or withdraw your funds.

Continuously diversify and choose wise investment options.

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