Strategic plans for the second half of 2022

Strategic plans for the second half of 2022

In the meantime, the main topics of our business meetings are the possibilities of growth, market share, different marketing channels, technology development, product mix, and other strategic considerations. We strongly believe that a strategic business plan is the foundation of a strong business. As we always practice what we preach, let's take a closer look at "Hive5" and our Holding Company's "Hive Finance" KPIs and strategic plans for the second half of 2022.

"Hive Finance"

Consumer Lending

Before establishing "Hive finance", we noticed that large segments of consumers are underserved or not served at all; for that reason, we have set the primary mission for the company - to provide fast, simple and affordable financing solutions. To keep that mission realised, on June 25th, we successfully launched our first consumer lending company, "Ekspres Pozyczka", in Poland. The current portfolio of issued loans seeks 146 543 EUR. It is the result that the company has managed to achieve in a relatively short time (data of 2022-08-08). Moreover, we plan to accomplish the total accumulative loan portfolio of 9 mln—Eur by the end of this year. We are serving quick finance solutions combined with flexible terms, which is the sweet spot clients are searching for. The main focus would be to promote the growth of the company. Also, we plan to expand by entering other European markets very soon.

Corporate Governance

Moreover, strong businesses are always led by strong leaders. "Hive finance" founders and shareholders Ricardas Vandzinskas and Andrius Rupsys have many years of multinational practice in managing firms that are operated to represent the best interests of shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, government regulators and management. Both founders are Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance graduates with their track record in numerous CG positions – board membership, supervisory board membership, and audit committees in prominent private and public multinational organisations. "Hive finance" has a clear vision to implement the best CG practices in the group of corporate entities, according to which, by the end of this year, the executive management board shall directly report to the supervisory board and audit committee. Both shall consist of independent professional members with their core competencies in neo-banking, enterprise risk management, compliance and technology.

Investor relations

Based on our experience, we know how essential investors are for a company's success. Our focus will be to pay special attention to regular, transparent and comprehensive communication between executive leadership and the investors community.

We aim to provide accurate accountability of all corporate affairs to investors within the group of "Hive finance" companies to help investors make informed decisions. Proper communication with investors is a strong pivot that drives the overall growth of any company.

Risk management

Risk management will always be our top business priority. "Hive finance" is implementing the COSO enterprise risk management framework with its key objectives of proper controls; reporting is reliable, timely and transparent. The risk decision engine uses advanced analytics and machine learning that capitalise on speed and accuracy. We ensure that business is running in line with laws and regulations. We believe we have a significant advantage over existing lenders in this area.


The main KPIs

We enjoy setting visionary and creative goals that change the approach to significant business achievements. In the meantime, only ambitious plans could attract business success. Thus, our main KPIs of "Hive5" are to attract 6000 active investors and reach ten mln. Eur of the total loan portfolio by the end of this year. We think it is a bold plan, but so are we.

Loan originators

From the beginning, we have emphasised the importance of diversification in every investment step. Hence, we will keep the promise to offer diversification on our platform. By now, investors can invest in consumer and business loans from Poland. Accordingly, there will be more opportunities on the way: consumer loans from Romania and Bulgaria. In addition, we are working on expanding opportunities for different investments by offering Green, BNPL, Estate and Venture loans.

UX & UI improvement

To make our platform stand out, we plan to implement more advanced and user-friendly features in the marketplace. The entire consumer journey can now occur with a bit of human intervention. Accordingly, we keep improving and developing the platform to make the customer experience of investing a simple and seamless process.

The Final note

We believe that by setting big and visionary goals, we are taking on a more significant role in the finance world and creating a new level of business performance. At the same point, we must continually adapt to changing customer expectations, borrowing and investing trends, and new technology to stay ahead.

We promise to keep updating you on this exciting journey.

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